Blog - How uplight rentals work

By Eric Smith 2/15/2016 7:24 PM

How uplighting rental works:

We (Summit City Rental) explain how to rent up lights and how the uplight rentals work for your event. You'll be shocked on how easy it is to set up our uplighting rentals

Link: How to place your uplight rental order online

Video: What to expect with our up ligh rentals

Link: When will the uplight rentals arrive

Link: When are the uplight rentals suppose to be returned

How do I place my up light rental order online:

First choose which uplight rental you want:

A corded up light rental. This means that the uplight has a 5 foot or 10 foot cord that can be plugged into another uplight or into the wall.

A wireless uplight rental. This means that no power cord is needed. The wireless up light can be switch to the "On" position and placed anywhere.

A outdoor uplight rental. This means that the outdoor uplight rental will be placed outside or submerged in water. It has a protective casting to protect the outdoor uplighting rental.

Step One, place your up light rental start date and end date. (This would be your wedding date or event date. The end date can be the same day as the start date.)
Step Two, enter the quantity of uplight rentals you need for your event rental or wedding rental and click rent.
Step Three, follow our one page checkout to place your uplight rental online. Then, fill out billing information, shipping information, and credit card information. There is only a 15% deposit of total due at completion. (After checkout an email of your rental order will be sent confirming everything. Then, you will receive event reminders when your day comes closer. Plus, you will receive tracking information via email when it ships. Of course arriving before your event date.)

Reserve your uplight rental today.

How the return of up lights work:

We (Summit City Rental) will include a return shipping label inside a Summit City Rental folder. (This folder also contains your invoice and uplighting instructions.) Remove the return labels from the two pocket folder. (Feel free to keep the two pocket Summit City Rental order or pass it to a friend.) The up lights are due back the following business day or two days after the event. (Unfortunately days does consists of Monday through Sunday.) However, you can have us send a FedEx truck to the shipping address to pick up the uplight rentals. On the other hand you can drop the packages of up light rentals to the local FedEx authorized shipping center. (Ensure you receive a receipt of drop off.)


Q. My event is on a holiday weekend such as (July 4, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and etc.)

A. We understand this and know that rental times may be off. There is NO issue for returning the uplight rental on a Tuesday if need be. Or you might receive your rentals earlier then 1-2 days to ensure they will be there on time in case of holiday delays.

Reserve your uplight rental today.

What is the shipping policy for uplights:

First, we offer FREE shipping both directions if ordered within 5 business days of event. We (Summit City Rental) will calculate the shipping time to your location entered. We will schedule the uplights to arrive 1-2 days prior to your start date. We do not require a signature for any uplighting rental shipments. (We understand last minute running around occurs and don’t want you to miss your shipment because of signature.) The uplighting will arrive in Rubbermaid plastic containers for easy transportation to and from the event. Our mobile DJ’s love it because they can place the totes inside their trailer or vans.

Reserve your uplight rental today.