Black Polished Flatware


Flatware rental with free shipping nationwide. Reserve our flatware rental for your wedding. | Summit City Rental

Summit City Rental offers a "Black Polished" flatware rental for a wedding, private event, or gala. We have large quantities for larger table settings.  

Our black polish silverware rental is great to add to an elegant event. Reserve the silverpieces below. 

 A quick view of our black polished flatware rental ordering and use:  

  • Choose below (Polished Black Fork, Polishd Black Spoon, Polished Black Knife) to rent our elegant flatware for your table setting. 
  • We ship free both directions. You don't need to worry about shipping. (FedEx Transit Time with Free Shipping)
  • Learn how to set an elegant table with our flatware. From placing the fork to the glass. 
  • Once the event is finished place dirty silverware inside the plastic tote. No need to wash. Just remove all major food particle.
  • PLUS! Take our 2 minute survey to tell us how we did. 


 Uplighting rental available for your wedding with free nationwide shipping. Polished Black Fork, Polishd Black Spoon, Polished Black Knife (as of now).

Browse our up light rental colors available for your wedding, private event, or gala. COLOR CHOICES

  Learn how uplighting rental works from Summit City Rental including set up, tear down, and changing uplight rental colors. HOW IT WORKS

Read our popular questions past clients have had about our uplight rentals. QUESTIONS?

Browse our uplighting rental photos we have done from past events.Photos Coming Soon

Successful rental tips on how to succeed with our uplight rentals.  SUCCESSFUL RENTAL TIPS


Free nationwide shipping for wedding uplighting rentals. Free Shipping Both Directions


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