Miyabi Flatware Rental Collection

Miyabi Silverware Collection

Miyabi Silverware Rental Collection
Miyabi Black and Gold Flatware Rental. Free Nationwide Shipping.


Black & Gold

You've heard the song and you've seen the Gold. Now it's time to add both for a modern, but elegant Miyabi flatware.

Miyabi white and gold flatware rental. Free nationwide shipping.


White & Gold

A mix of the popular gold and giving a modern twist with a solid white handle. This is a Miyabi flatware game changer.

Miyabi silver flatware rental with free shipping. Miyabi flatware rental.


All Silver

It is popular to see silver on table. Twist your table up with a Miyable flatware rental from Summit City Rental. 

Miyabi all gold flatware rental with Free nationwide shipping.


All Gold

Our gold flatware rental has been super popular. We added the Miyabi rental collection to set tables apart. 

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 About Miyabi, table setting

Our Miyabi collection was introuduced in Fall of 2018. We debuted it at Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, Nevada. We chose the name Miyabi name because of the flatwares design and history of the name, Miyabi. If you didn't know Miyabi originated from Japan with a meaning of elegance that is stylish and perfect. Therefore, we had to choose this name of our newest design and collection.

We are excited to add this elegant flatware set to your table. Although Miyabi is an older term, the flatware is a modern trend setting. Set your table apart from friends and other events with our newest 2018-2019 Miyabi Collection!

...it is Stylish to set your table apart

Our Miyabi collection is absolutely stunning with its modern look. At Summit City Rental we are offering it into our collection of silverware. We are in just complete "awww" when placed on a table. Plus, we couldn't just stop with a few colors. In fact, we had to create an entire color palette to enhance your table setting(s). 

Our Miyabi collection will be perfect for your next event, such as a  GALA, Wedding Reception, or Fundraiser. Impress your guest with our newest 2019 collection of the Miyabi Silverware Collection from Summit City Rental. 

...it is a Perfect silverware set needed for the table

The  Miyabi collection is the perfect addition to set your table apart from other events. When placed on the table your attention is immediately gravitated towards the perfect knife that is elegant looking and the slim fork. These two pieces are just a compliment to the spoon that we offer. Don't let your event be like other events. Perfect your table with a Dutchess collection of silverware from Summit City Rental. Plus, we have an array of colors to match your color pattern. So, choose your Dutchess Collection by clicking on the "Photo" above. 

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