Chauvet Nimbus Dry Ice Machine

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    1 Day: $350.00 Extra Day $20.00  

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    How do I rent the chauvet nimbus online:

    Step One, place your chauvet nimbus rental start date and end date. (This would be your wedding date or event date. The end date can be the same day as start date.
    Step Two, enter the quantity of chauvet nimbus rentals you need for your event rental or wedding rental and click rent.
    Step Three, follow our one page checkout to place your chauvet rental online. Then, fill out billing information, shipping information, and credit card information. There is only a 15% deposit of total due at completion. (After checkout an email of your rental order will be sent confirming everything. Then, you will receive event reminders when your day comes closer. Plus, you will receive tracking information via email when it ships. Of course arriving before your event date.)

    Minimum Period: 1 Hour
    Maximum Period: 3 Days
    1 Day: $350.00 Extra Day $20.00  

    Choose Your Reservation Dates

    1 Day: $350.00 Extra Day $20.00  
    SKU: B-1-SEC-3

    Product Description

    Rent the Chauvet Nimbus Dry Ice Machine

    What is the shipping policy for the chauvet nimbus:

    First, we offer FREE shipping both directions if ordered within 5 business days of event. We (Summit City Rental) will calculate the shipping time to your location entered. We will schedule the chauvet nimbus to arrive 1-2 days prior to your start date. We do not require a signature for any uplighting rental shipments. (We understand last minute running around occurs and don’t want you to miss your shipment because of signature.) The uplighting will arrive in Rubbermaid plastic containers for easy transportation to and from the event. Our mobile DJ’s love it because they can place the totes inside their trailer or vans.


    How the return of chauvet nimbus work:

    We (Summit City Rental) will include a return shipping label inside a Summit City Rental folder. (This folder also contains your invoice and uplighting instructions.) Remove the return labels from the two pocket folder. (Feel free to keep the two pocket Summit City Rental order or pass it to a friend.) The chauvet nimbus is due back the following business day or two days after the event. (Unfortunately days does consists of Monday through Sunday.) However, you can have us send a FedEx truck to the shipping address to pick up the chuavet nimbus rental. On the other hand you can drop the packages of chauvet nimbus rentals to the local FedEx authorized shipping center. (Ensure you receive a receipt of drop off.)

    Completion of drop off to FedEx concludes the rental period and will not be charged additional days. We will receive notification from FedEx when returned.

    Failure to return the Chauvet Nimbus Rental will result in additional charges. These charges are considered a per additional day rental which is at $20.00/day. However, we do not charge additional days while in progress through FedEx.


    Where to get the dry ice?

    We do not require you to get the dry ice from us. However, the Chauvet Nimbus Rental does not include dry ice unless added. We recommend a minimum of 20 lbs of dry ice. YOU CAN USE ANY DRY ICE COMPANY YOU WANT! We only offer dry ice as an option to help you operate successfully.


    Canceling your chauvet nimbus rental:

    We do allow cancellation of any order. However, the deposit of 15% is non-refundable. Our policy enforces this because there is an office staff that has spent minimum 10-15 minutes of processing your order, calculating travel time and ensuring all your request are met. When we cancel the order there is a five minutes spent in the office cancelling the event. Since, we spend close to a half hour of just office staff we don’t refund the 15% deposit. However, if it’s the transferring to a different date within four months we will transfer the deposit to a new date for you.

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    What is your rental policy:

    We broke our chauvet nimbus rental policy so we give you a clearer understanding of how our rental policy works.

                When would my chauvet nimbus arrive:

    We ensure that the chauvet nimbus rental you placed will arrive 1 – 2 days prior to your start date selected. The chauvet nimbus rentals will arrive in SKB plastic tote.

                When are the chauvet nimbus rentals due back:

    The chauvet nimbus are rentals so unfortunately they need to be returned the next business day or 1 – 2 days after the event. You need to drop them off at a FedEx shipping center. When dropping them off remember to receive a receipt for confirmation. (Receipts are free at all locations.)

                What is the down deposit or security deposit:       

    First, we (Summit City Rental) do NOT require any security deposits. However, we do require a down deposit. So, what is the difference between down deposit and security deposit?

    We do require a down deposit for any chauvet nimbus rental. Our down deposit is 15% of the rental amount. That means the 15% you put down is part of the total.

    Go back to the top and reserve the chauvet nimbus

     What happens if the chauvet nimbus is returned late:

    Your event is over and a stress level has just been lifted, we understand this. However, our chauvet nimbus need to be sent to the next customer. We ask that if you are going to be late on returning to call us. We may send the chauvet nimbus to a different location for the next customer. We have a limited number of chauvet nimbus and have deadlines to keep. However, if no phone call or email is made when their due we do charge ten dollars per chauvet nimbus rental per day. This can add up, but we have deadlines to make and other customers that we have to fulfill chauvet nimbus rentals. How would you like if the chauvet nimbus rentals you rented arrived late to your event? It wouldn’t be good because you might not have a chance to set them up. All in all, please call us if you are going to be late. This allows Summit City Rental to update everything. 

    Cost to rent the Chauvet Nimbus or Dancing on the Cloud Effect

    The chauvet nimbus cost $240. This cost includes free shipping both direction. The cost also includes an SKB case designed to transport the chauvet nimbus rental. However, this price does not include the dry ice, but can add our dry ice as a customization. When the rental of the chauvet nimbus arrives you will need to purchase dry ice, fill water to the line, and well lah a dancing on the cloud effect will begin. This price does include shipping to Californ Chauvet Nimbus Rental or to Maine Chauvet Nimbus Rental. Therefore, you can receive the chauvet nimbus rental with ease.

    Chauvet Nimbus Dry Ice Fog Machine Rental Specifications

    • Input voltage: 120 V 60 Hz
    • Power and current (single element): 1500 W, 12.6 A
    • Power and current (dual element): 3000 W, 25.2 A
    • Tank capacity: 4.5 gal
    • Heat-up time (single element): 50 min
    • Heat-up time (dual element): 30 min
    • Average runtime: 6 min
    • Reheat time (single element): 30 min
    • Reheat time (dual element): 15 min
    • Dry ice capacity: 10 lbs
    • Max water temperature: 175 degrees F
    • Weight: 28.6 lbs
    • Dimensions: 20 x 18 x 19 in




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