Uplighting rental in a custom color at IPFW International Ballroom in Fort Wayne. Enhance your venue by renting uplights

Venues are unique in every way. Some venues have historical value such as a Free Mason Hall. As others may have a modern appeal to them like your local newly built hotel. On the flip side is the industrial look. All three of these features attract a bride into reserving this as "THEIR" venue. This venue will hold their most important day. However, these venues can be plain in many ways. Some of these ways is through tall white or beige walls. Another way is the walls are the color blue. This is where uplighting rental is "KEY." As the up light provides a BRIGHT LED light against the wall in any color you want. When facing the large walls or low lighting areas, renting an uplight will fix this. 


Where to rent uplights (Local or Nationwide)

Rent Uplighting Locally

You are probably browsing DJ's and their upgrades or event lighting companies in your hometown. However, many will notice even when adding uplight to their DJ packages or venues it is "WAY" more expensive. A normal DJ will charge upwards of $25+ dollars per uplighting rental. Also the lighting company or venue may even charge more and all the extra fees included. These extra fees include local tax, damage waiver, and etc. When looking local may seem affordable and easy; it is usually outweighed by renting nationwide with affordable pricing. Therefore, compare to a nationwide company for uplighting such as Summit City Rental. 

 Rent Uplighting Nationwide

The first perk you will see with uplighting rental from Summit City Rental is FREE Shipping both directions. Another great feature is that the uplighting will arrive a few days prior to the event start date. Finally and the most important is "PRICE." At Summit City Rental we offer discount pricing with the more uplights you rent. The averarage price is $17.00 per uplight rental, but low as $16 per uplight rental. That is the price for anywhere in the United States of America!

Now, lets not forget about the convenience factor. We offer the ability to reserve wireless or battery uplights. These are great when there is no power outlet around. While they operate via battery, the battery is built in to the uplight for optimal performance. This is a great feature to add with any uplight rental order. As you may never know what circumstances you will run into when setting the uplights up. 

Uplight Rental for wedding lighting and event lighting. | Uplighting Rental reserve today. RESERVE UPLIGHTING

 Uplight Rentals set up with no effort

One factor you may be thinking is, we don't have time to set up the uplights rented. As this is always a concern and we understand. However, the time factor is less than you might think. To program each light, plug the light in, and set it up takes less than forty minutes for twenty uplight rentals. That amounts to about two (2) minutes per uplight. However, you can pre-program the uplights when they arrive to have set up even faster. All in all for a room of twenty uplights (which is quite a bit) will ONLY take you about forty minutes. This is because the uplights are that easy to set up and program!

Quick Review Process when Renting Uplights: 

Install of Uplights

  1. Plug the uplight into an outlet. (PRO TIP: We give you a ten foot power cord)
  2. Choose the color. (PRO TIP: Preprogrammed colors and Custom Colors Available.)
  3. Set the uplight against the wall, pillar, or column. (PRO TIP: There is a built in bracket)
  4. Plug next uplight into the current uplight and repeat steps 1-3. 

Shipping of Uplights

  1. FREE Shipping both ways for anywhere in the United States. (PRO TIP: Order Monday by 4:00 p.m. week of event and receive by FRIDAY guaranteed for anywhere in the United States. See transit map.)
  2. FREE Return Shipping (Pre-Paid Label) sent with package. 
  3. Drop off at any FED-EX Authorized Location. 

How many up lights to rent

Elegant up lighting

There are multiple factors that go into deciding this number. However, we realize its best to rely on the experts. As a rule of thumb we recommend an estimated amount of at least (6 to 12) uplights. This will give you an elegant coverage for your venue. This elegant coverage will cover the cake area, bridal table (head table), and entrance areas. 

Ultimate uplighting

Next, we have the Ultimate uplighting which is between (12 - 20) uplights. With the Ultimate uplighting you will light up at least half of the reception hall. This is great when trying to increase the lighting to see. This is the most common number of up lights rented from customers. 

Platinum up light

Finally, we have the Platinum coverage which is (20 - 30) up lights. This is the all out reception hall. This will give a maximum coverage of any reception hall that holds upwards of 300+ guest. Also, it will allow for accent lighting next to the bar, food table, cocktail table, and other features. The Platinum is great when wanting to turn off all lighting for the reception hall. As the uplights rented will give maximum exposure. 

When to order up lights

In reality, we are commonly accepting last minute up light rental orders. We service any individual or company with uplights anywhere in the United States. However, last minute uplighting orders does "NOT" mean you will have availability. To ensure availability we recommend (30-60) days prior to event. As this allows us to plan for maybe upgrading our inventory of uplights. In reality, it gurantees your spot to receive the number of uplights you ordered. In addiion, you can change your quantity three (3) weeks prior to the event. In conclusion, the earier you order uplights the more "SANE" you'll feel. You have thousands of other items to worry about.  

How to reserve (amount required now and remaining amount)

Where to place my uplight rental order

All up lights shall be placed online at We can take orders over the phone at (260) 267-6730, but online is the preferred choice. As it gives adequate counts available for each weekend. Plus, it counts for shipping transit times. 

Cost to place my uplight rental order

All uplight orders prior to three weeks before event is a 25% deposit. The remaining balance will be automatically withdrawn three weeks prior to event. However, we send out automated emails to pay your balance off in full. If the uplight rental order is placed within three weeks of event date, the full amount will be charged.

No security deposit is needed or required by a Credit Card on file is needed.

The 25% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

No refunds prior to two weeks from event. Only refunds will occur from our GUARANTEE of uplight. This means, the uplights did not work when they arrived at your location. Send them back and we will verify the uplight not working and refund you in 1-2 business days from receiving shipment. NO question asked if defective.

Colors an uplighting can produce

ANY COLOR! Well almost any color. The only colors not able to be produced are dark colors including black, grey, brown, or other dark colors. On the flip side, any bright color can be produced by any uplighting rental. As the colors are BRIGHT LED emitting diodes. They do a mixing factor of RED LEDS, GREEN LEDS, and BLUE LEDS. When placing the mix of colors on the wall, it gives a bright color that is custom coded by the LED intensity. Allowing for any variety of colors available. We also have a ton of colors to choose from or a standard color. Have us PRE-PROGRAM the uplights rented prior to shipping. The cost is minimal and can save time when setting up. 

Worried about renting uplights from a company in Indiana

You are worried because of all the scams out there. We get it and don't blame you. However, lets give an inside view of how Summit City Rental became Summit City Rental. Plus, how we are here talking about renting uplights, flatware, or chauvet nimbus to you? 

First, Summit City Rental back in the day started off as EMS DJ Services from a young man pursuing DJing at fiffteen. It all started in a small city called Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fort Wayne, Indiana is still our home, but is bigger than the young man could even dream of. 

After high school, he kept DJing in Fort Wayne, IN and went to college for Electrical Engineering. In college he became part of student government at IPFW. Here, he realized the event industry by providing events for college events. This is when Summit City Rental began forming from DJ to party rentals. As a party tent was purchased for the college events. Then with a tent comes, tables, chairs, lighting, and party rental items. This company still exist and is called Summit City Rental too, but website is The team in the Fort Wayne party rental division provides all the nationwide rentals as long as MUCH more. With a team of ten full time individuals and twenty part-time individuals, Fort Wayne Summit City Rental is growing year after year. In 2018, they will be supporting Indianapolis, Indiana and South Bend, Indiana with chiavari chair rentals. 

Finally, if you feel still worried about Summit City Rental and we could end up like the discontinued brides dress at David's Bridal. We encourage you to call local rental facilities in Fort Wayne, IN and ask about Summit City Rental's repuation. Thats right! Call any reception hall in Fort Wayne, IN and you will hear that Summit City Rental has a trusted name in the city. Plus, you can call outside cities such as Auburn, IN. 

Uplight Rental for wedding lighting and event lighting. | Uplighting Rental reserve today.


Photos of the Uplight Rentals in ACTION

Uplighting rental in a custom color at IPFW International Ballroom in Fort Wayne.

Custom colored uplight rental for a wedding reception in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Blue up lighting rental in Fort Wayne, IN. Rent uplight in blue color for wedding lighting.

Blue uplighting rental in a reception hall in Fort Wayne, IN. This is a standard color in the uplight. 

Blue up lighting rental in Fort Wayne, IN. Rent uplight in blue color for wedding lighting.


Blue uplight rental which is a standard color. This is a wedding venue in Atlanta, GA. 



Red up light rental which is a standard color. This is a fundraising event in New York, NY. 

Elegant blue up light around the head table in a venue in Fort Wayne. Great wedding lighting to enhance the bridal party table. 



Platinum up light coverage in a reception hall in Atlanta, GA. This give bright elegant lighting throughout the event. 

 Latoya's Real Wedding Uplights in Akron, OH. Latoya's Real Wedding Uplights in Akron, OH.


Uplighting Rental Indiana Wedding UpLighting

Uplight Rental for wedding lighting and event lighting. | Uplighting Rental reserve today.