Buy our popular flatware from Summit City Rental or SCRental Warehouse. We offer the following (listed below):  


Free Domestic Shipping

We offer Free Domestic Shipping Over $100.00. Under a $100.00 is a small handling fee of $35.00. 5-10 Business Days. 


Pick your piece(s) NOT SET.

We don't force a flatware set upon you. Order your items in the quantity you want. Don't be forced to buy a set.  

FREE Returns

We accept any returns for any issue after 30 days of Sale/Purchased on website (not arrived). 

Just pay return shipping.

Bulk Pricing per piece

Buy a lot of same piece/style and receive a discount with our Bulk Pricing.

Buy our Flatware & Rent our Flatware when in need

This is for the Purchase/Sale of our POPULAR FLATWARE RENTALS (NOT RENTING). We include the ability to rent this item at a fraction of the cost with free shipping both ways.

With our purchase silverware, we offer FREE Shipping over $100.00, bulk pricing, Free 30 Day Returns, ability to choose by piece NOT SET, and rental to complete your styles for larger events. At Summit City Rental we are a Rental | Sales company. Offering luxury flatware rental at a great price.  


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