In today's twentieth century you have probably heard the term uplighting. Although it is a common term, it still may be vague of what it is and if it's worth the money for your event. First off, uplighting is LED lights that can change colors and placed around the room facing upwards towards a wall.


When you look around the room and notice that the colors of the walls are different than there natural color, you are in a room with uplighting. This is none in the MOVIE BUSINESS or THEATRE as ACCENT WALLS. However, you don't need the bulky trussing to operate uplights.

What is uplighting rental? A description by summitcityrental.com


Now, uplights have become super easy to set up because of the NEW led lights inside them. The LED is important because accent lights used to be a bulb that would become extremely HOT. Now, leds don't become hot and they put on a beautiful light that can change colors instataneously. Prior, you would need GELS to put in front of the lights. No more gels and no more burning yourself. Welcome to uplighting.


When adding uplighting to your room, venue, or home they can accent the walls. This wall accented with uplighting could be the cake table, head table, or food line. Plus, individuals like to place them around the room to avoid turning on the main lights in the room. A room with 20 uplights would be bright enough to still see and move around, Plus, it allows you to have a beautiful reception hall/venue.


We can do multiple colors with our wedding uplighting rentals.

 Wedding Uplighting Rental in multiple colors, that you decide. 

 Wedding Uplight Rental can be set to any color you desire. They just can't be a dark color. Plus, the color pin wheel doesn't even show all the colors we offer our customers renting the uplighting. 

  • We give you basic instructions on how to set the wedding uplight rental colors. It is a step by step procedure and also gives you examples.
  • Plus, we give you the ability to elaborate the wedding uplight rentals with how to do a custom color.
  • We offer the ability, for our staff to pre-color the wedding uplight rentals, just choose the standard color in the menu when reserving.


Uplighting consist of a Chauvet Par 56 placed on the ground to provide lighting on the walls around the banquet room.You decide the number of uplight rentals you need and we ship them free to you and also pay the return shipping. 

Set Up and Tear Down is on you, but its so easy you won't struggle. The only struggle is all the colors we offer you. We have over 729,000 color combinations which are easy to find. The only colors we can not do is: any dark color. Otherwise, the uplighting rental can get the color you want. 

 Number of Wedding Uplighting Rentals is your decision: 

  • In the picture to the right is an Elaborate. As this room measures about 40 Foot Wide and 80 Foot Long. As a result this look would require 30 Wedding Uplighting Rentals.
  • Now for an Elegant Coverage or backdrop we suggest six Wedding Uplighting Rentals.
  • PRO TIP: We recommend 10 Wedding Uplighting Rental for any event. It gives the best look, but more is always better. More is never going to look AWFUL

So now your thinking, I know what uplighting is and what are my options?


Option 1: You look towards your DJ, Local Party Rental Company, or Wedding Planner to get uplighting.

Well don't be suprised by the price tag of their uplighting or lighting services. Your local party rental company will be over $500 - $$$$$. Then your DJ will come in a little cheaper, but might not be as cheap.

Don't be discouraged. That's why we have wrote an entire paragraph on what is UPLIGHTING.

Option 2: Do It Yourself

Doing it yourself at first may sound like a huge drag. You have a 100 items to do and just don't have time. STOP STRESSING!

IT'S an EASY PROCESS for uplighting rental from us. First, you place your order online at www.SummitCityRental.com Second, your order arrives prior to your event date by a few days. Finally, the uplights take less than 30 minutes to install and remove. You still have time to make that hair appointment, nails, and (o' yeah) the photographer styled shoots! Then when you arrive your ready to part-ay with your amazing uplighting changing the venue.

If your not convnced watch our videos! It's crazy, on how easy it is!