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Reserve handicap porta potty rental online in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fort Wayne porta potty rental handicap.

Handicap Porta Potty Rental

Portable Hand Wash Station rental in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.

Portable Hand Wash Station

250 Gallon Waste Tank

  • 25 Days: $50.00
  • Next Available: 6/27/24

250 Gallon Waste Tank Rental

We offer a waste tank for construnction trailers, Wilscott Trailers, or other trailers where a restroom and/or vanity is installed in a trailer and a waste tank is not on board. These waste tanks are simple and nice as they take a 3 inch connection. The 3 inch connection must extrude from the trailer. 

Then you can have us install or RUN the PVC to the waste tank or you can hire a plumber or a plumber you have onsite. They will be responsbile of removing PVC upon removal of Waste Tank or the client will be. We allow for one insert into the waste tank which is a 3 inch hole. NO OTHER HOLES MAY BE CUT. 


This price includes the rental price and delivery calculated by zip code. WE do provide cleaning or suck out services at an additional cost. This will need to be scheduled for a 3 month minimum. We must be the ones that remove the waste. Hiring another company will result in an additional fee. 

250 Gallon Waste Tank
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Our Fort Wayne waste tank rental for trailer or campers are ready for the next event or project. They are a waste tank and fresh water system rental for your command trailer, construnction trailer, festival trailer, or camper. These trailers come with a toilet and hand sink but no waste tank which is where we offer a waste tank rental. 

Fort Wayne Waste Tank Rental for Wilscott Trailer Rental or Pac Van Trailer Rental Waste Tank Rental

Clean restroom for your next project, construction, event or wedding!



Placing my portable waste tank rental  order online:

Place your rental order online at www.SummitCityRental.com. Placing your order online is easy, fast and on your own time. To place the order online, follow these three easy steps.

Step One, place your start date and end date of the rental policy.

(This would be your wedding date. The end date will be the same day as the start date.)

Step Two, enter the quantity of Resin Padded Fort Wayne chair rentals you need for your event, what color of pad you want and if you want us to set the chairs up and tear the chairs down. (Delivery Fee will be added at checkout.)

Step Three, check out through our one page checkout with only a 50% deposit of total.

(After you checkout your rental order, you will receive an email. This email will be sent confirming your rental order. You will receive event reminders when your day comes closer. You will receive a phone call on scheduling times as the dates is closer.)

Cost to rent the waste tank rental?

Our tent accessories can be a must have depending on the wheather. As these accessories includes fan rentals in Fort Wayne, IN or sidewall tent rentals to protect from the rain. Plus, we have tent rental lighting for when the sun goes down. Finally, we have generators so tent rentals placed with no power can still have electricity for all the necessary items.

Extra Portable Restroom Rental Options

Including Delivery, Set Up & Tear Down

Fort Wayne Chair Rental delivery and Indianapolis delivery chair rental.  Delivery Fees + Delivery Locations

Summit City Rental delivers our portable restroom rentals through the midwest. These locations include: Northeast Indiana. Cities including Fort Wayne, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, Warsaw, Columbia City, and more. 

All Delivery Fees for any rental is calculated at checkout by zip code. We offer FREE delivery of portable restrooms in Fort Wayne, IN. 

Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Chiar Rental Set Up & Tear Down. Set Up & Tear Down 

All portable restroom rentals that have a delivery fee added will be set up for FREE and torn down for FREE.

Restroom rentals will be delivered on the scheduled delivery date unless a different option is selected. We have routes that can be obtained by calling or contacting us via CONTACT US. If you choose to have your portable restroom rental delivered on our route day there will be no increase. 

Restroom portable rentals are the only items that receive FREE delivery in Fort Wayne, IN. 



Picture / Video Portable Restroom Trailer Rental

Browse our Fort Wayne Portable Restroom Rentals.

Portable Waste Tank Rental Ft. Wayne, IN. Restroom Rental Ft. Wayne IN, Where to Rent Waste Tank Rental in Fort Wayne Indiana, Auburn, Angola, Warsaw Northeast Indiana
Portable Waste Tank Rental Ft. Wayne, IN. Restroom Rental Ft. Wayne IN, Where to Rent Waste Tank Rental in Fort Wayne Indiana, Auburn, Angola, Warsaw Northeast Indiana




What is the delivery or pick up policy for Fort Wayne waste tank rentals:

            Rental Delivery Policy:

            All portable waste tank rentals in Fort Wayne are delivered at an additional cost by your zip code. If your outside the area there is a small fee. To see if your outside the delivery area, add the Fort Wayne Waste Tank rental to your cart and go to checkout by entering your zip code.   

            Rental Pick Up Policy:

            Unfortunately due to the nature of Portable Restroom Rentals we need to clean out them by vaccuuming out the sewage. As a result of the Restroom Rental portable in Fort Wayne, IN we cannot allow you to pick it up, but will deliver for free.

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How the return of waste tank rental in Fort Wayne non-portable rentals work:

Depending on your choices of delivery or pick up this can vary. If there is a delivery and we are setting up and tearing down. Then you don’t need to worry about anything. On the other hand if we are NOT setting up or tearing down event rentals, you will have to stack them back up where they were dropped off.

If you picked up your Fort Wayne chair rental white padded. You can drop your Fort Wayne chair rentals off anytime you want. This time period is within the return period of your rentals. Usually all pick up rentals are due back two days after event rental date.


Canceling your rental:

We do allow cancellation of any order. However, the deposit of 15% is non-refundable. Our policy enforces this because there is an office staff that has spent minimum 10-15 minutes of processing your order, calculating travel time and ensuring all your request are met. When we cancel the order there is a five minutes spent in the office cancelling the event. Since, we spend close to a half hour of just office staff, we don’t refund the 15% deposit. However, if it’s the transferring to a different date within four months we will transfer the deposit to a new date for you.

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What is your rental policy:

We break down our Fort Wayne chair rental policy so we can give you a clearer understanding of how our rental policy works.

            When would my white padded Fort Wayne chair rentals arrive:

Summit City Rental Delivers:

We will deliver the chairs the day of or day before the scheduled Fort Wayne chair rental to your event hall. If your event hall allows earlier day we will strive for an earlier day. However, if your event hall requires the same day delivery then they will be delivered usually between 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Customer Pick Up:

You usually can pick your Fort Wayne chair rentals up two days prior to your event rental or wedding rental. However, if there is another booking the day before you can pick up your Fort Wayne chair rental the day of between: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

            When are the Fort Wayne chair rentals due back:

Summit City Rental Delivers:

We will pick up the Fort Wayne chair rentals the day of or day after the scheduled Fort Wayne chair rental to your event hall. If your event hall allows day after we will strive to pick up after the event. However, if your event hall requires the same day pick up then they will be picked up thirty minutes after event is finished. You must inform us five business days prior if your event will be longer. Once we arrive, we will NOT wait for the party to finish. Our staff will start tearing down. If we are told to wait twenty minutes to an hour you will be billed for the number of individuals times $20 for an inconvenience charge.  

Customer Drop Off:

You can drop off your Fort Wayne Fort Wayne chair rentals up two days post your event rental or wedding rental. However, if there is another booking the day after you MUST drop your Fort Wayne chair rental the same day of rental. Otherwise you will be charged for a second day rental charge.


            What is the down deposit or security deposit:       

First, we (Summit City Rental) do NOT require any security deposits. However, we do require a down deposit. So, what is the difference between down deposit and security deposit?

We do require a down deposit for any gold chiavari Fort Wayne chair rental. Our down deposit is 15% of the rental amount. That means the 15% you put down is part of the total.

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What happens if white padded Fort Wayne chair rentals are returned late:

Your event is over and a stress level has just been lifted, we understand this. However, our Fort Wayne chair rentals need to be sent to the next customer. We ask that if you are going to be late on returning to call us. We have a limited number of chairs rentals and have deadlines to keep. However, if no phone call or email is made when their due we do charge one dollars per Fort Wayne chair rental per day. This can add up, but we have deadlines to make and other customers that we have to fulfill white padded Fort Wayne chair rentals. How would you like if the white padded Fort Wayne chair rentals you rented arrived late to your event? It wouldn’t be good because you might not have a chance to set them up. All in all, please call us if you are going to be late. This allows Summit City Rental to update everything.  


We are going to place the white padded Fort Wayne chair rentals outside. What happens if it rains:

The Fort Wayne Fort Wayne chair rentals you rented can stay outside. 

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Cost to rent white padded chairs:

Our white padded chairs, rent for $3.00/each with a built in soft pad. This price does not include set up, tear down or delivery. Set up, tear down or delivery of the white padded Fort Wayne chair rental is an additional charge.


What color of pads do you have:

Every white padded Fort Wayne chair rental comes standard with a built in white pad.

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When do I need to place my rental order:

We recommend that you try to rent your white padded chairs six to nine months prior to your event rental date. However, most of the time we can NOT fulfill last minute orders too. (We just ask that you check with us.) With that being said, you are probably on the fence about renting white padded chairs. We suggest renting the white padded chairs earlier because it guarantees availability for your event. Nobody wants to run into NO availability for their event because of last minute. That is why we suggest six to nine months to place your Fort Wayne chair rental order for wedding rentals or event rentals. Plus, we are one of the few companies with large amounts of white padded chairs to rent in Fort Wayne, IN.


How many white padded chairs do you recommend:

This depends on the look you want. Some individuals use white padded chairs for just their weddings, head table or bridal table. Others have enough white padded chairs for every guest. This depends on your budget to know how many white padded chairs to rent.


Where do you deliver the Fort Wayne chair rentals to:

We deliver throughout Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. To receive a quote please check out and enter your zip code. We are a Fort Wayne rental company, but deliver consistently to the following cities and states:

Chicago, IL Fort Wayne chair rental, Fort Wayne, IN Fort Wayne chair rental, Van Wert, OH Fort Wayne chair rental, Indianapolis, IN Fort Wayne chair rental, Lansing, MI Fort Wayne chair rental, Auburn, IN Fort Wayne chair rental, Syracuse, IN Fort Wayne chair rental, South Bend, IN Fort Wayne chair rental, and more.

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Pictures of our Fort Wayne chair rental White Padded:

Below is a 360 degree view of our Fort Wayne Fort Wayne chair rental.



Summit City Rental provides the best in the Fort Wayne industry.

If you are looking for a delivery outside of Fort Wayne call us at (260) 267-6730 or 844-Summit-8 and we can provide a shipping quote!

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 Learn more about Summit City Rental portable bathroom with these questions below that many individuals have asked?


What is a portable bathroom rental in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Angola, Syracuse, or Warsaw Indiana?

            We have different types of portable restroom rentals available. They are the high end porta potty rental or restroom trailer rental. The other portable toilet rental is the portable porta potty rental or porta jon rental.


                        High End Porta Potty Rental or Restroom Trailer Rental

The high end porta potty rental or also known as (AKA) the restroom trailer rental. We offer a two (2) stall restroom trailer rental for your employees or guests. These high end porta potty rentals are portable restroom rentals, but on a higher scale than a porta potty rental. The restroom bathroom trailer rental includes running water, lighting inside, air conditioning or heating. Along with a pleasant inside for beautiful interior that is or close to nicer than your own bathroom at home.


View are high end porta potty rental or restroom trailer rental under the restroom trailer rental page or by clicking HERE to be taken there directly.


                        Portable toilet rental or portable potty rental or known as a port a jon rental.

These are the common toilets you see while driving through construction portable restroom rentals, service trailers with portable bathroom rental next to them, or the fairs and festivals we love that have many portable toilet rentals. Whichever the case, we are going to dig deeper into Summit City Rental’s promise and guarantee to the portable toilet rentals we provide.


What type of facility are you looking for a portable restroom rental or portable bathroom rental?

            Fairs; Festivals; or Concerts

We have provided portable bathroom rentals for fairs, festivals and concerts around Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Dekalb, Auburn, Angola, and other areas around Indiana. Here we provide multiple restrooms for the attendees along with a service that is untouched. This is a need by need basis on toilet rental in Fort Wayne, IN. As the toilet rental depends on the number of attendees and if it is a multi day event. At Summit City Rental we have crews that run at different hours for the fairs, festivals, and concerts to ensure proper portable bathroom rental. Portable porta potty rental at these facilities require multiple time to clean and empty or remove waste to ensure proper portable potty rental.

Please call or “CONTACT US” through are website. Phone: 260-267-6730. We always look forward to providing attendees the best portable potty rental in the industry.

Corporation or Manufacturing Company

A corporation or manufacturing company like portabl bathroom rentals for their employees. These employees could be in the yard moving trailers or seasonal need when they are busy. Whichever the case may be, Summit City Rental is here to assist. We can offer multiple portable toilet rental in the Fort Wayne, Syracuse, Warsaw, or other Indiana areas to ensure your employees have a relaxation bathroom experience.


With this we do month long contracts with service once a week. Are service once a week includes removing of waste, restocking any supplies as needed, and every 28 days wiping down the unit inside and outside. All of the units do come with hand sanitizer inside the units if requested upon. In addition, we also have hand washing stations if need be too.


Rest assured with our easy in and out trucks and hoses for removing waste; your restroom at your facility will be serviced on a weekly basis.


Finally, at Summit City Rental we have qualified drivers that ensure proper PPE or personal protective equipment is with them on job sites. This equipment includes boots (non-steel toe), safety glasses, shirts that are highly visible with are logo, shorts or jeans, and hard hat if needed. In addition to the PPE equipment, each employee wears a badge with their picture and Summit City Rental’s name ensuring that no one is trespassing on your facility that shouldn’t be there. We are about your safety and protection of your valuable assets when having a subcontractor for portable toilet rentals or portable porta potty rental.



Event such as Wedding(s); Graduation(s); or Gala(s)

Mobile bathroom trailer rentals or high end porta potty rentals are popular item to have for these events. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM.


Unfortunately, these units can be costly and the justification is not there. Rest assured Summit City Rental has high end portable potty rentals available for rent. The portable bathroom rentals are cleaned and less than 2 years old for your event. The portable toilet rental near you will be filled with fresh waste water, stocked supplied, and cleaning inside and out. Once you are finished with your unit we will pick the unit up and remove all waste for you too. Don’t be worried about removing the waste as we have the capability of doing that for the portable toilet rental. The portable bathroom rental will be ready for you and your guest.


Construction Job Site

Constuction site portable bathroom rentals is a necessary for your employees and we are here and ready to assist in portable toilet rental. The portable toilet rental is easy to book online or over the phone at (260) 267-6730. We have the ability to quickly dispatch mobile restroom rental. In addition the porta john rental will be serviced once a week. Each week a truck will stop by in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) with a trained staff member to empty your portable toilet rental and restock as necessary. In addition, after 28 days they will wipe the inside and outside of the porta potty rental as necessary. We are not a team of pump and go and do not stand behind that idea. The team will always provide a clean portable toilet rental for your team to ensure proper sanitation.


Finally, your staff can request the finalized picture of the restroom portable toilet rental too when we receive them. Each time a team member arrives to clean the portable restroom rental they will send a picture after being serviced. This will allow you and your team to know that service is occurring.



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